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The 17th China Xiamen International Stone Fair
Time:202017-03-02 17:51:41 Views:251
China Xiamen International Stone Exhibition since its inception in 2001, make full use of Minnan stone industry and Xiamen port advantage, in the host, the joint efforts of the undertaker, the rapid development and growth, and in one fell swoop to become the largest exhibition of the world's largest exhibitors, the largest number of exhibitors Stone exhibition. The purpose of this exhibition is to promote the development of China's stone industry and foreign trade exchanges, and continuously improve the strength of our stone industry and international competitiveness, learning and learn from foreign stone production, processing, application and other areas of advanced experience, strengthen the industry information Exchange and display new products, new technologies and new equipment for stone and stone machinery tools at home and abroad, and set up professional exchange platform for international stone industry to create business opportunities so as to improve the development level of China's stone industry chain and promote trade cooperation between domestic and foreign stone enterprises Contacts and trading volume.

The success of the exhibition is held in Xiamen in one fell swoop to become the world's stone industry, "International Stone Center", to promote the continued prosperity of the Taiwanese economy and the progress of the exhibition industry. On the one hand, the development of Xiamen International Stone Exhibition relies on the rich industrial base in Minnan area and the huge business opportunities of the stone industry, together with the unique geographical advantages of Xiamen and many stone enterprises have become the strong backing of the rapid development of stone exhibition over the years. On the other hand, the success of the stone exhibition held every year, Xiamen and the surrounding areas of stone enterprises have been in the "door" to develop domestic and foreign markets convenient conditions, timely and comprehensive grasp of the global stone resources mining, technology and equipment, product design and application Development of the status quo and the development of the overall level of dynamic, narrowing the gap between Xiamen stone enterprises and the international, and continuously improve the industry's influence. By summing up the successful model of Xiamen Stone Exhibition, and on this basis, innovation and perfection, but also to Xiamen has accumulated rich experience in organizing exhibitions, is conducive to play a local advantage, cultivate more features exhibition, driving the economy, to the "International Exhibition City" Step forward.